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About Us

Rouchmag is a mobile SMS platform that helps businesses reach their customers more effectively.

We help businesses like yours get in front of their audience, by offering them a way to send targeted, interactive messages via SMS.

By using our platform, you can create automated campaigns and conversations with your audience, so you can build brand loyalty and customer loyalty—and increase sales.

Freight Shipping Containers
Cargo Shipping Containers
Cargo Ship at the Port
Workers Wearing Helmets and Jackets
Cargo Ship at Sea
A Port Worker
Aerial View of Containers
Loading Cargo
A Crane Lifting a Container
Cargo Containers

Added Products



Build USSD enabled applications that allow customers to perform actions from their mobile devices like ordering a service, inquiring about an account and much more

Voice SMS allows you to send recorded voice messages to your audience in the language of their choice consequently providing them with the best content relevant to their needs.


Online platform for buying airtime accross all mobile networks 

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